Fixed Asset Management and Tracking

FAST is a Management and Tracking Software for control and management of Fixed Assets. Gives a unified view and control of all your Assets, where they are, what their cost and present values are. Featuring a Warranty, Insurance and Maintenance Contracts management calendar alerts. 

The Depreciation Calculator prepares Depreciation information and reports based on both Companies Act as well as Income Tax Act. 


Fixed Asset Register : Maintains company Fixed Assets in Government Statuatory formats. This incorporates :

  • Purchase Cost
  • Asset Value after Taxes and VAT availed
  • Asset Location and Identification
  • Asset Sales particulars
  • Insurance Details
  • AMC entered into Details
  • etc., etc

Management of Assets:  All useful and normal features are incorporated . Highlights of the Management feature are :

  • Period and Expiry of Warranties 
  • Management, renewal and expiry of Insurance 
  • Management of Maintenance Contracts

These special features will alert the Management of  when Insurance or AMC contracts have been entered into are due for renewal,  with Contact details etc. Enabling timely review and renewal. Advance planning offers managements ability to effectively lower costs on renewals. 

Depreciation Calculations:   Available as per both -

  • Companies Act  - WDV or SLM 
  • Income Tax Act 
  • Export to MS Excel format. 

Reports :

  • Fixed Assets Register
  • All reports can be exported to MS Excel Format
  • Insurance & Annual Maintenance Contract data - Expiry alerts, name of Insurance agent, AMC contractor contact details etc. 
  • A-B-C Analysis of Assets 
  • Location and User Wise asset report
  • Purchases made during any period
  • Sale of Assets 
  • Audit and asset verification reports
  • Sold or Retired assets
  • and others

The software is easy to use and is user friendly. Running of a RDBMS base , it has a vast capacity. Available are also multi-user , multi-environment modules. Powerful Reports and conforming to Statutory Formats. 

Economically priced and shipped anywhere in India. On line help and technical support. Available as a stand -alone Single User or in Multi-User Multi-Environment modes. 



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