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Electronic Document Management Solutions - from Pitney Bowes Group1 Software ( A Fortune 500 group company)

Documents and timely information are the currency of any successful business. Fact is, more information has been produced in the last 30 years than in the previous 5,000 ?the entire history of civilization ? and administering these documents has become a challenge for even the most advanced organizations.

An Electronic Document Management System is a computer-based system used for managing both electronic and paper-based documents. In simple terms, it allows you to store, search and retrieve digital versions of most any document ?anytime, anywhere.

Respond to customers with greater speed, greater accuracy ?online or off.

In today’s e-enabled world, instant access sounds like a no-brainer. But companies need solutions that address the many challenges they face. Documents may be created by disparate systems in different formats. Some have become reliant on cumbersome, slow-loading PDFs. Others have organized documents in ways that make it time-consuming (if not impossible) to pinpoint a specific page. Fortunately, Pitney Bowes Group 1 Software can help you overcome these obstacles–and more.

Our high-speed, high-volume, high-performing document repositories provide ubiquitous access to critical communications–through virtually any interface or application.

Ubiquitous access opens the door to new opportunity.

With Group 1 solutions, CSRs, auditors, administrators and brokers can view years of stored data, including statements, policies and correspondence-saving you significant time and money. Real-time indexing, compression, storage, and direct data-retrieval make it possible for you to integrate the most advanced document archive and retrieval solutions directly into your call center, partner networks or customer website quickly–usually in a matter of weeks. In addition to a broad range of industry-specific applications, our Electronic Document Management solutions can help you achieve:

Remote Document Access

  • Access and print customer documents in field offices
  • Create a fully indexed and searchable subset of archives, such as by customer, broker or agent
  • Eliminate paper copies to sales, agents and brokers
  • Comply with legal and records management requirements
  • Enable more powerful Business Continuity Plans

Customer Self-Care

  • Deploy web presentment and e-payment in just weeks
  • Provide instant access to current and historical documents
  • Let customers download and print documents from home or office
  • Include one-to-one marketing messages to increase sales and retention

Mailstream Visibility

  • Record step-by-step progress of mail pieces through the postal network
  • Automatically confirm delivery of regulated and high-value items
  • Increase revenues with more selective waivers of late fees
  • Eliminate unnecessary collection calls
  • Suppress costly late notices when payments are in transit
  • Avoid needless contacts that may damage customer relationships

Call Center Effectiveness

  • Minimize talk time and increase first call resolution
  • Provide instant access to exact replicas of printed and web-based documents
  • Quickly locate customer information using an interactive name and account search
  • Handle multiple questions quickly through customer-centric document folders
  • Send email and e-fax instantly, speeding call resolution and eliminating call backs
  • Resolve transaction disputes and reconcile complex invoices


The unique advantages of our Electronic Document Management solutions.

HyperSoft is a VAR partner with Group1 software division of Pitney Bowes. We offer tailored solutions to every Document Management need. Just ask us and we shall offer you a solution to your most complex requirements.

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